October 3, 2020





Masskrugstemmen, (literally, “beer-stein hoisting”), is a traditional Bavarian endurance contest during which contestants must hold a one-liter stein of beer in one outstretched arm for as long as possible. The filled stein weighs roughly five pounds and must be kept parallel to the ground at all times. Any spilling leads to immediate disqualification! The person who holds theirs out for the longest time, wins.

Oktoberfest 2020 - Muenster, Texas 

Oktoberfest will be running several Masskrugstemmen competitions. During the festival on Saturday come show your support for everyone who is competing on how good they are are at holding their bier!  You can come to Oktoberfest, October 3 and Hoist with the champs of the surrounding bars if you didn't get a chance to do it at the locations below.  $20 gets you in the competition and an Oktoberfest stein.  We look forward to seeing you there.





$500 in Cash Prizes!

Please join us and test your strength in our annual Stein Hoisting Competition. Each contestant will receive a packet that includes a plastic stein & Oktoberfest admission tickets so come out and represent your bar of choice below for $20.   The winner of each heat will go on to compete in the Championship Round, October 3rd at 7pm during Oktoberfest. The Championship Round will include the winners from all 4 heats listed below:

Heat 1 - 

Heat 2 - 

Heat 3 - 

Heat 4 -  

Championship - Muenster Oktoberfest - October 3rd - 7pm 

Stein Hoisting rules.png

2020 Participating Stein Hoisting Location